Category: Experimental

The Material Splendour of Carcass Identity

The principles of sludge in dub, slow motion but still driving ahead comes the complete sound of Carcass Identity to which is born out of Brussells, birthed from two longstanding musicians  – Matthieu Levet (of Pizza Noise Mafia and Carrageenan) and Ernesto González (of Bear Bones, Lay Low, Tav Exotic, Maitres Fous).

This Year in PAN

photo by. Jasper Spicero PAN’s oeuvre is a well curated collection of the most audibly progressive and often visually challenging artists of present. PAN’s curation spans from a techno-Gothic style collection of cinematic soundscapes, to playful synthesis and indulgent machine music, often with an important message embedded in it’s creation. Two thousand and eighteen has […]

Crawling Through Tory Slime: Mana Records

You approach the park bench and there is a soft breeze pulling across you, the sun is almost at it’s peak height for the day and the sound of: birds, light traffic and market vendors fill your ears with slightly differing levels – depending on the way you face. Every so often the tranquil environment is interjected with an unfamiliar sound to the composition that nature was creating, and we feel our focus often broken and drawn to these interruptions.