Special Occasion on Low Company

This record store opened up music to me that I never thought I would see in a record store, over the last year or so it has been my mecca of seeking music that I may never of found other wise.

I first went there with two close friends and we were overwhelmed on the selection they have put together; the best of everything. Disgusting breaks, free-jazz, noise, punk punk punk, dub and techno in a treasure trove of music.

Special Occasion comes from Jolly’s Discs’s tape release last year but now in LP format dist. by Low Company.

It’s worth every penny as an adventure that takes you through 80’s drum percussion, that doesn’t sound like yet another throwback to the era,  Jazz influenced noodling and introductions of grime style square waves (especially in The Word) all freshly garnished with a nice touch of distance to the vocals and subtle keys.

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